Diane Kruger Sexy Looks With Ultra Sculpted Legs at the age of 46


Diane Kruger , the most famous American actress spotted with her  ultra fashionable look that Made the viewers speechless, Diane Kruger Sexy  look that are so hot and gorgeous at the age of 46, how she is maintaining lets find out ????

Lets see Diane Kruger Sexy Looks With Ultra Sculpted Legs at the age of 46 :

Diane Kruger Sexy  look : With a outfit of Black minidress  and suited heels, Diane hit the street of New York city this week and she showed her long , strong sexy legs while strutting around Midtown .

At the age of 46 , The way in which she has maintained herself is really  impressive and her tremendously gorgeous look proved to everyone just how toned she is.

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The actress , 46 , stepped out in New York city’s mid town this week. By her fashionable look, she was able to put fire on Midnight street.  She decked out in a black minidress with bow accents. She paired all of this with black ankle socks and heels that made sparkle on her super long   , toned legs.

Diane Kruger Sexy  look :   Diane Typically works out about 4 times  about a week and like to eat organic foods. That’s the secret behind her healthy and beautiful appearance at 46. She hits the Gym and does the elliptical, Burpees, Box jumps , Sit ups , planks and weighted squats for her body shaping. She also shared that her attitude about working has changed .

Diane when questioned about her health she shared something with WH in 2021 that after Giving birth To her daughter with Norman Reedus in November 2018 , she was ready to get her body moving like it did pre pregnancy. She shared that during her pregnancy she worked out 30 min per day.


Secrets behind Diane Kruger Sexy Legs :

Diane Kruger Sexy  look : And By the time she was just 6 months post-Partum she was training for her Action film “The 355”. She told to WH , “ It was exhilarating to go back to working out-To lifting heavy, Kicking higher and trusting my body”. For the film she worked out 5 weeks before filming started  and did daily Two hour training sessions that included fight training, moves like boxing drills and kicks , as well as practice in wrestling, Grappling and basic gymnastics.

Diane Kruger Sexy  look : To maintain her sexy she also  follow a balance diet. According to her “ I try to eat organic, but I am not obsessive about food .” she told the New potato. She then shared her diet plans.  She takes poached egg with avocado on multigrain bread in breakfast , some shots of Salmon dish for breakfast and may be chicken or veal for dinner with veggies and red wine. She also told that she had an affinity for French fries and rose.

In this interview she also revealed the secret behind her toned skin till now and about her sexy and strong figure at the age of 46. She add “ I was naturally skinny when I was younger and I did a lot of Ballet and ballroom dancing so I didn’t  work out traditionally but by the time I hit about 32 , I felt my metabolism change . That’s why I thought I needed to work out  to be able to eat what I wanted . And I dreaded it”.



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