Five frightful films  picked out from Fantasia film festival 2023


Five frightful films  picked out of the lines of Fantasia film festival 2023 to keep our eyes on.

Fantasia film Festival 2023 have returned to Cinemas in Montreal, Canada. Where fantasia 2023 is scheduled to run from 20th July to 9th August . This years festival features a line up  of over 120  features and more than 200 short films- as well as tributes to Cult Hero Nicholas Cage and Canadian filmmaker Larry Kent .

Out of so many films and events we  just picked the five most frightful films from Fantasia film Festival 2023   that will definitely drag you to the most Thrilling sensation.

  • Blackout ( Dir. Larry Fessenden, USA) best at Fantasia film Festival 2023 :

Fantasia film Festival 2023:   Blackout is one of the most thrilling USA  Werewolf movie finally received its world premiere at Fantasia in just a few days. Blackout began life as an episode of Tales from beyond the pale  ,A series of “radio plays for the digital age”  The Fessenden has been making with his frequent collaborator Glenn McQuaid since 2010. Blackout draws the Fessenden’s love for the classic werewolf movies. It stars Alex Hurt as Struggling  Artist  Charley  Barret, a recently infected werewolf struggling with his curse. Blackout screens At Fantasia on 20th  July and 27th July.

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  • THE Sacrifice Game( Dir. Jenn Wexler, Canada)

Wexler along with her co writer  Sean Redlitz have produced “ The Sacrifice game” a film sort entirely in Quebec. This is set in a girl Catholic school in the 1970. It introduced two girls Samantha and Clara who were not able to return home for Christmas holidays and so must remain in their almost deserted school with a young teacher, Rose. However Christmas came closer, a slew of murderous fanatics intent on unleashing evil supernatural forces invade the school ground to inflict horror. THE Sacrifice Game screens at Fantasia on 28th


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  • T Blockers ( Dir. Alice Maio Mackay)

Fantasia film Festival 2023:   T blockers is set in a small town in Australia. Lauren Last plays a trans film maker , looking for a lost film , whose search is interrupted by An earthquake that lets loose subterranean parasite that began to infect the towns people and turn them into a murderous, homogeneous mob that wishes to destroy anyone who dares to display the difference.  T Blockers is going to screen on Fantasia on 30th July Sunday.

  • Suitable Flesh ( Dir. Joy Lynch)

Joy Lynch has long been figured as one of the most exciting voices  in American Independent horror.  It is not just a Joy Lynch’s film , it is also tributed to The Late  Great Stuart Gordon.  This is a Psychosexual Thriller move is based on the work of H.P Love Craft.  Suitable Flesh  screens  at Fantasia on 5th Aug.

  • It Lives Inside ( Dir. Bishal Dutta)

        This movie is written and directed By Indian American filmmaker Bishal Dutta. It stars Megan Suri as Samidha, An Indian- American teenager who feels out of place at both home and her home. Things get much worse when her school friend Tamira Unleashes an insatiable demon that threatens to tear her world apart. This movie offers a much needed  new spin on supernatural horror cinema. It screens at Fantasia on 7th August 2023.

For more details you can visit the official site of Fantasia film festival


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