How Did Coolio Die at 59 ? Rapper Coolio Cause of Death


Coolio ,the Grammy winning rapper, Hip hop star , producer and actor has passed away at 59 . His longtime manager Jarel Posey has confirmed this news to Press Association  saying that Coolio  died at his home on Wednesday afternoon at Los Angeles .How Did Coolio Die at 59 ? Rapper Coolio Cause of Death and his full career details are given below.

Artis leon levy Jr Professionally known as Coolio, born in Pennsylvania in 1963 .Later he  moved to California .He was a well known American rapper, producer, actor and famous hip hop star ,who lit up the music charts with hits like “Gangsta ‘s paradise”, “Fantastic voyage”, “The soul” and many more. Now his well wishers fans are eagerly wants to know what is Coolio cause of death ?

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How Did Coolio Die at 59 ? Rapper Coolio Cause of Death along with his career details :

Rapper Coolio Cause of Death: Coolio the famous American rapper died on Wednesday at one of his close friend’s house . His manager in a media statement told that Coolio cause of death is due to sudden cardiac arrest. The cause was not immediately clear  but It is suspected that his death is due to cardiac arrest after he collapsed and fell on the floor of his friend’s  bathroom. Paramedics also trying to find out the Coolio cause of death exactly.

Rapper Coolio Career details :

  •  In interviews Coolio said that he started rapping at 15 and knew by 18 ,what he wanted to do with his life but he would go to community college and work as a volunteer firefighter and air port security before devoting  himself full time to the hip hop industry.
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  • During her career he released a total of 8 albums “it takes a thief” in 1994  , “Gangsta’s paradise” in 1995 My soul in 1997, “Coolio. Com” in 2001, “El cool magnifico” in 2002, “The return of the Gangsta” in  2006, “Steal hear” in 2008 and “From the bottom to the top” in 2009.


  • For her splendid performances he was able to earn six Grammy award nominations and one win for “Gangsta’s paradise” in 1996 which was featured in the Michelle Pfeiffer’s led film “dangerous Minds” that sampled Steve wonder’s 1976 song “pastime paradise” and was constantly played on MTV .


  • Besides his albums he also appeared in some television shows and films including Futurama ,Charmed and The nanny .The rapper also performed in “Aw here it goes” for hit Nickelodeon show “Kenan and kel”.
  • He always wanted to be remembered as a cool person and for being intelligent .once he stated “if people don’t remember my music, my cooking , my film works, it does not matter .I just want people to say.. ‘He always tried to educate me. He was always taking about something that was gonna make me a better person’”.
  • He was a person always managed to stay above the conflict and also had a distinctive personality.
  • While receiving The Grammy award he said from the stage “I would like to claim this award on behalf of the whole Hip hop nation, west coast ,East coast and world wide , ‘United we stand , divided we fall’”.
  • In film and Television he played as an actor and musician in more than 25 films and series ,throughout his whole career he accumulated a fortune of $1.5 millions.

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