Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Romance Again !!


Recently Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are elaborating their romance. The beautiful couple  Jennifer and Affleck married together after a long period of gap. They married officially on July 17 by a grand marriage party at Los Vegas.

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Not only that , the Jennifer and Ben couple celebrated their love over a week. They moved to different multiple outlets along with their family, friends and nearer dearer ones In Georgia.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Earlier Love Story , That all you have to know :

In 2000 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started their romance. They dated each other and decided to marry after that. During the year 2004 both the celebrity decided to marry each other. But unfortunately they broke up their relationship ahead of some personal reasons. Then after a long period of gap both joined together in 2021

How Jennifer Lopez and Affleck Enjoying their post wedding time :

The couple not only visiting different areas and outlets , they were spotted recently near Savannah . On that day Ben and Jennifer wandering along with their children that includes  Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Graner , and her kids.

Jennifer has a twins and Ben has with Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Jennifer Lopez Reaction :

Lopez said that they dreamed long years ago to come with each other, which comes true after a long time. As both got a marriage license which made her love real.

“She also said that When true love happens, the only things which matters in life is marriage and the beautiful promises for taking care, love and  mutual understanding power ; that can lead to a good life” .

How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck romance together again ?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starred in the upcoming ‘ Shotgun Wedding’. The couple are very comfortable and feeling well . Before one year Jennifer featured in a Netflix documentary ‘ Halftime’. She recently seen in an interview promoting her upcoming ‘Shotgun Wedding’ along with her love on June 9 . During that interview Jennifer openly talked about her relationship with Ben Affleck. She said that love is permanent and should reflect in future.

According to Lopez, she dreamed to live with Ben 20 years ago. So building a family along with whom one loves, is a very moment . She said that she loves the career so much but  she loves to live with the person whom she loves so much.

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Ben Affleck’s Ex-Wife Jennifer Graner :

Jennifer Graner, who was the wife of Ben from 2005 to 2018 , not attended the wedding ceremony. Graner has three children and she said that her attendance may affect the marriage ceremony of her ex-husband.

Graner said that , nothing is more important than her 3 kids happiness. So she welcomed both Lopez and Ben to enjoy their life in a positive way.



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