Johnny Depp Amber Heard Fighting Finally Ended As he is dating Lawyer Joelle Rich


A new report to be believed that Johnny Depp is  now dating Joelle Rich, a lawyer who represented Depp in his UK libel lawsuit against The Sun. So the relation between Johnny Depp Amber Heard came to an end in all respect.

But  Johnny Depp’s  ex-wife Amber Heard has nothing reaction to his relationship with Joelle rich, She is not taking any stress about that and just wants to accelerate on her own life.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Relation Finally Ended As he is dating Lawyer Joelle Rich

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Earlier Relation : Jonny Deep married Amber Heard in 2015. But their marital life couldn’t get succeed for more than  2 years. They got separated in 2017.Their divorce  drew much media attention as they both alleged  abused  against each other. In sure  they cant be unite again either as a couple or as friends.

Amber Heard after losing her defamation court case against Johnny Depp ,She needs to pay 10 million dollars to him. That put Heard in a very dire situation . Amber Heard tried to reach at her friends circle to collect that huge money to pay Jonny but has been met with a closed door , further complicating the process. The ex-wife of Johnny Depp- Amber Heard got unexpected response from her friends .So she planned another strategy to get rid of this challenge.

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Amber also approached several of her fellow partygoers in the hope that they will help her but she has been rejected .

Johnny Depp Amber Heard:  Before this issue Amber Heard was the most preferable and popular actress for her role in  “Aquaman”  but after her legal battle starts with Depp it is very difficult for her to play a lead role. She has essentially  been blacklisted in the industry ,Producers fears that Fans will boycott their movies in which she will be featured.


 Johnny Depp’s ex- wife Amber Heard decided to collect money in this method :

Johnny Depp Amber Heard:  Amber heard has reportedly been offered one role in X-rated movies  and this contract is of worth $9 Million  dollars that would help her in this situation but it is unlikely to her if she will accept.

  • She has already sold her several properties to try to accumulate the total amount that she needs for the penalty .That’s why Amber Heard does not much care what her Ex husband ‘s personal life rather focusing her own career and finance.
  • A person close to Heard has shared that she prefer to focus on her own life and put others to one side.
  • She does not pay attention to what Depp does in his life. Amber Heard does not care who he is dating, either his lawyer Joelle Rich or other . She just want to move on with her life peacefully. From the above it is clear that Johnny Depp Amber Heard relation has ended permanently and their has no chance for any type of relation further.

 Who is Joelle Rich ?

Joelle Rich is a attorney , who is working with Johnny Depp from 2020 during his U.K libel case.  From the background Joelle Rich is working as Lawyer and she supported Johnny Depp against the defamation case of Johnny Depp’s ex- wife Amber Head. But Joelle Rich has not been included in the Depp’s legal team of Virginia defamation trial.

Who is Johnny Depp ‘s Girlfriend ?

Johnny Depp Amber Heard both after taking the divorce, he is now dating his lawyer Joelle Rich. So from the several media reports Johnny Depp’s girlfriend is Joelle Rich his lawyer during the defamation case against him.

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