Jon Snow Sequel series could confirm a wild house of the Dragon Theory


Ever since the start of Game of Thrones , one fan theory permeated every discussion of John snow’s percentage. Jon Snow Sequel series could confirm a wild house of the Dragon Theory.

From Infancy Jon is presented as the Bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark. But from “L+R=J” Theory , Fans thought actually he is the son of Stark’s sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen rather Stark’s Bastard son.

This was proven true late in the series, with Jon’s actual name “Aegon Targaryen”. John’s actual name and true percentage kept secret from all even from John in order to protect him from those that sought the complete annihilation of House of Targaryen . since his childhood he raised alongside with Eddard’s lawful children at winterfell.

Jon Snow Sequel series could confirm a wild house of the Dragon Theory :

Jon Snow Sequel : Jon’s Actual name Aegon is a name that ripples throughout the House of the Dragons , Most notably in the Aegon I’s Prophecy claiming The “prince who was promised” would unite the realm against a threat from the North. King Viserys believed this to be Scared truth. But could he have had a vision of the actual prince who was promised ????

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King Viserys is delusional on his deathbed. He unconsciously called his 2nd wife , Alicent by the name of 1st wife . In his last words he mentions the song of Ice and Fire prophecy . unfortunately only he and Rhaenyra know about it so Alicent was understandably confused. When he mentioned Aegon and The prince who was promised , Alicent thought he was referencing her son not the future Jon Snow.

Jon Snow Sequel :  His last words are implied to be meant for Rhaenyra , Whom he mistakenly believes is in the room with him. When he says, “ It is you.You are the one . You must do this”, he is presumably insisting that Rhaenyra Take the iron throne as he intended and safeguard Aeon’s Prophecy. But bear with us for a moment: What if Viserys was speaking to Jon snow directly???? And What if Jon heard him???

Targaryen prophecies are shown to be powerful ; just look at Halaena mentioning a “Beast beneath the Board” only for a Dragon to crash the Aegon’s coronation later in the same episode. Viserys as explained by Daemon in episode 10 , is a fervent believer of vision and prophecies.

Jon Snow Sequel :  It may seem like a stretch to introduce what amounts to time travel to Westeros , but this is world where a magic can born monsters and bring dead back to life. Knowing the power of Targaryen, It is not entirely beyond realm of possibility. If Aegon has vision for future generations why the Future Targaryen’s have not that vision???

Jon Snow Sequel :  We know Jon eventually lived up to the prophecy and United Westeros against the Night king. He may received these strange word of encouragement from Viserys in a dream or vision offscreen . of course, there would be no evidence.

Yes the greatest evidence for prophetic time travel in Westeros Could be the need to link spinoff separated by Centuries Together. Jon could spend his new series trying to reconnect with Targaryens who proceed him.

Jon Snow Sequel :   House of Dragon is showing us the Targaryen’s past powerful empire but Jon’s spinoff could show Targaryen’s future. May be he will rebuild and developed their empire as world’s most empowered and powerful family by bringing all the distorted parts back to their roots. He will be the shower of The strongest Targaryen Realm with some extra visions.


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