Kevin Spacey Net Worth and Find details about his Civil Trails On Sexual Assault


Kevin Spacey , The most famous American actor faces Civil Trials on sexual assault claims, alleged by Anthony Rapp. Know the details about Kevin Spacey net worth and more about his civil trials judgement.

Kevin Spacey heads to court Thursday to defend himself in a lawsuit filled by an actor Anthony Rapp, who In 2017  made allegations Against Kevin for a misconduct Sexual  harassment .That left the “ House of cards” star career in a Tedious situation.


Kevin Spacey Net Worth and Find details about his Civil Trails On Sexual Assault :

Before going to know Kevin Spacey net worth, lets find out the details about his recent civil trials on sexual assault.

As per Anthony’s Allegation ,In 1986 When he was a boy of 14  ,he got sexually encountered  by Kevin Spacey(26 at that time).Rapp said that the older actor invited him to the party at his Manhattan apartment then tried to seduce him in a bedroom after the other guests had left.

He also shared this personal incident that happened to him in interviews with Buzzfeed that when Kevin came in the room, he was totally drunk and out of sense. Then he picked Rapp as  a groom picks up  bride .As he was of 14 , all that happened was out of his imagination and he couldn’t understand what’s going wrong with him .

After Rapp made his allegations in public in 2017, Spacey  released a statement on Twitter , saying he didn’t recall the incident .He added, “I honestly don’t remember the encounter , it would have been 30 years ago.

But if I did behave then he describes ,I owe him the sincerest apology  for what would have been  deeply  inappropriate drunken behaviour”.a

But now Spacey’s legal team says that the allegation was totally falsified by Rapp “For attention  ,for sympathy and to raise his own profile” in the public eye.

Nearly after 5 years  ,  Anthony Rapp accused him  of sexual misconduct , That’s why Kevin Spacey faced a New York federal court  on Thursday . Spacey ’s Attorney Jennifer Keller reportedly told in the civil Trial opening, “once you have both side, you will be convinced  this alleged assault never happened at all”.


The trial , which concluded Jury selection yesterday morning and is expected to last less than 2 weeks , centres on  a $40 million civil lawsuit filled by Rapp.

Prior to 1st day of trial , Keller told Reuters : “we  look forward to trial by jury with actual evidence rather than trial by social media”.

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Another news ,put Kevin Spacey in the center that Three months ago he pleaded not guilty in London to charges that  he sexually assaulted three men during 2004 and 2015 , when he was the artistic director at the VIC theater.

Spacey  has been spending much of his recent months in Courtroom . In August, A Los Angeles judge ruled that  spacey must pay nearly $31 million to the producer of Netflix’s House of cards  for violating his contract by allegedly sexually harassing crew members .

Both of them are anticipated to give testimony throughout the trial. A psychologist thinks Antony Rapp currently has post traumatic stress disorder due to the sexual counter with Spacey  will probably be one of the witnesses.

Find Out details about Kevin Spacey Net Worth:

Kevin Spacey Net worth : Kevin Spacey the most famous actor started his career earlier with the supporting character in some films and some television serials during 1980s. After that Kevin debuted in the Hollywood film industry  from Heartburn in 1986 and then in Working Girl movie in the year 1988. These two movies pull his character upward towards the 3 decades.

Kevin Spacey net worth is increased due to his long career as director, producer and actor. So that Kevin Spacey net worth is more than $100 million dollars and also increasing day by day.

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