Naomi Judd Cause of Death: Autopsy Confirms


Naomi Judd cause of death report is released by the the Nashville medical examiner’s office. The autopsy report confirmed by the statements that, Judd died after self initiated gunshot to her head.

That investigation report done after the American singer’s family previously claimed for that. The 76 year singer Naomi Judd cause of death now revealed on April 30.

Image Source: Naomi Judd/ Instagram

Report of Medical team on Naomi Judd Cause of death:

The statement of the report stated that Naomi Judd cause of death was suicide. In that report it is also clear that, the unresponsive behavior of her family members is the main cause.

The autopsy cited that, the American singer Judd was suffering from many diseases. From her past medical history it is clear that, she was conflicting with , anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder. Not only that, she also suffered with Chronic idiopathic pneumonitis, hepatitis C , anti-thyroidism and hypertension.

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Another factor of Naomi Judd cause of death was her decent suicidal tendency due to her recent stressful life. She decided to kill herself as she found a weapon near her.

The death report analysis also found some of the toxic elements used to treat the traumatic and bipolar  disorder of stress.

Medical officers who were investigating the death of the American singer, Naomi Judd told that she was not the single patient relating to that case. There are millions of Americans can also be related to that traumatic and bipolar stress disorder . People should learn how to treat their extra stress in their life and can also use psychological training to handle that. Other wise they also can suffer from these type of suicidal tendencies.


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Naomi Judd’s Daughters Responses :

As per autopsy report explained the unresponsive behavior of Judd’s family treated as another cause of death of Naomi Judd’s death. She was moved from her Franklin home to Williamson medical center lately. Just after she reached their, declared dead by the doctors.

Naomi Judd has two daughters named Wynonna aged 58 and Ashley named 54 . After the death of her the daughters tweeted that, ‘Today we the two sisters lost our beautiful mother suffering from mental illness, and we experienced a tragedy ‘.

In May, Ashley said while talking to Good Morning America, that her mother used a weapon to shot her head and this was very uncomfortable to share this .

Naomi Judd’s career before death :

Naomi Judd is a very popular American singer.  Judd and Wynonna created a musical duo ‘The Judds’ in 1983. The duo won five number of Grammy awards . Not only that she was also scored 14 number one songs in her career. Judd was active nearly 3 decades. Naomi Judd has near about $25 million net worth.

Before the day she died, she met with her friend Wynonna and they were inducted to American Music Hall of Fame.


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