The True Story Behind Netflix Orgasm Inc: All About The Story of OneTaste


“IT went from Utopia to a hell hole”; The Bizarre story behind Netflix orgasm Inc: The story of one taste.

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The True Story Behind Netflix Orgasm Inc: All About The Story of OneTaste :

Netflix orgasm Inc:   Focusing on pleasure deficit, Nicole Daedone,The cofounder of the American orgasmic meditation Group explained, “ There is a pleasure deficit disorder in this country and the cure is the female orgasm”. She shared those words during a 2011 TED talk.

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A new Netflix Documentary,  Orgasm Inc:The story of one taste , features never before seen footage and interviews that lift the lid on the group and an FBI investigation into claims of Sex trafficking , Prostitution and labour violations at the organization.

OneTaste , founded by Daedone and Robert Kandell Began as a silicon valley wellness start-up in 2015. This women oriented organization was promoted by the celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and  Khole Kardashian .

Netflix orgasm Inc:   By years passing, it slowly transformed into something much more damaging and has been accused of becoming a for profit sex cult. While Daedone stepped down as CEO in 2017, her book “slow sex” still up for sale on Goop’s website.


A Bloomberg Businessweek expose from 2018 stated that    “ In some members  experience, the company used flirtation and sex  to lure emotionally  vulnerable targets”. Also added, “ It taught employees to work for free or cheap to show devotion . and managers frequently ordered staffers to have orgasmic meditation with each other or customers.”

 Netflix orgasm Inc:    One former member shared, “During his time there , many had joined the group initially to try to achieve  pleasure while others were recovering from Trauma or were looking for deeper and more meaningful connections with other people”.

Before the group’s downfall, It had expanded internationally- with offices in LA, New York and London.

In 2018, OneTaste closed all its US offices and stopped offering in person courses and retreats saying it was now focusing on online education to reach  a wider audience .

After the FBI investigation, the company rebranded and still operating as the Institute of OM.

By proving All the allegations baseless finally , Orgasm Inc: The story of OneTaste is released on November 5 on Netflix.


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