Ryan Grantham Net Worth before going to jail after killing his mother


Ryan Grantham is a Canadian former child actor Born in 1998. His acting credits include “Dairy of a wimpy kid”,” Supernatural ” ,”Riverdale” and many more. Ryan Grantham Net Worth before going to jail after killing his mother. But now he is more known as a murderer of his own Mother and his intention to finish the life of Justin Trudeau, The prime minister of Canada.

British Columbian supreme court in Canada has sentenced Ryan in life imprisonment for killing his 64 years mother , Barbara Waite on 31 march 2020 when she was playing piano. After creating this tragic scene he made a video of 4 minutes which was shown in the date of hearing.• He had also shared a sentence “I shot her in the back of the head .In the moments , after she would have know it was me”.

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Know the details about Ryan Grantham Net Worth before going to jail after killing his mother :

Ryan Grantham Net Worth before going to jail after killing his mother : He also opened out that in the following day he made a journey towards the house of prime minister Justin Trudeau by packing his car with 3 guns , Ammunition,12 Molotov cocktails ,camping supplies and a map. After 300 km of his journey he turn around to drive to Vancouver police station and surrendered by saying “I killed my mother”. From that incident he is under police custody for past two years As per officials he had also been participating in mental health programs after arrest.


His lawyer during the trial argued that he has been struggling with anxiety and mental depression .He had also desired to kill himself before killing his mother. It also came to know that he had also planned for a massive violence at Vancouver’s gate bridge and at Simon Fraser university. Now the question has arose about his parole after 14 year jail. It wait to watch what the situation will be.

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Before his career crisis He had a great place in the Canadian film industry. Ryan Grantham Net Worth is gowing day by day before doing that murder. He made his debut in 2010 In “Dairy of a wimpy kid”. He also appeared in the movie Supernatural, The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and most recently in 2019 he play the character of Jeffrey in Riverdale. But after his criminal activities his career has a paused mark.

Ryan Grantham started his career from very young age. he is a well known actor and model and also a loud TV host. He had worked in many top rated films and also have prints on many TV ads that made Ryan Grantham Net Worth to be thought between $20,0000 and $400,000



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