Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Cried Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl who is the front man of the ‘Foo Fighters’ Band performing a tearful song ‘Times Like These’ at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert. The Tribute show performed by Taylor Hawkins bandmates at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert was organised on the behalf of the late Taylor Hawkins, who was the bandmate of Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl aged about 53 years sang a tearful song’ Times Like These’ with plenty of tears in his eyes. Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert was planned by Dave Grohl teammates and the family members of Taylor Hawkins.

Image: Instagram/Dave Grohl

Taylor Hawkins who was one of the member of the band died unexpectedly at the age of 50  during March this year. There will be total two number of Taylor Hawkins tribute Concert  to be held as decided previously. The first star-studded event held had held at Saturday. Next Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert decided to be held at September 17 at Los Angeles.

Dave Grohl During Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert :

The 53 year front man of Foo Fighters band, Dave Grohl was singing the sad song, It’s times like these you learn to live again’ . During his performance his eyes filled with plenty of tears. He also clinging the microphone repeatedly as tears from the eyes flow towards his microphone.

Even if Dave Grohl tears and voice was not supporting that time, he continued with his cracking voice and completed the star-studded Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert.

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Dave Grohl, who won Grammy Award 18 times, before his performance contineusly wiped his face and paused and he felt too emotional. The audience was  cheering and supporting him to overcome that situation and to continue with his performance.

After some time he gathered confidence with in him and started singing with tearing eyes. By using his cracking voice he also completed his next performance with his bandmates.

Dave Grohl before started the Performance at Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert:


Before starting his performance, Dave Grohl the front man of Foo Fighters gave an emotional speech as the audience started enchanting Taylor Hawkins’ name. Dave said that, ‘ ladies and gentleman today all we gathered here to celebrate the life, the music and the love of our and your friend Taylor Hawkins.’

Taylor was a person who made all of you smile or laugh or dance or sing that anyone could not do. Dave also told that we the closet friends, bandmates and family members gathered there to gave Taylor a huge tribute.

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Dave Grohl in his statement also said that, Taylor Hawkins’ was my brother from  different mother’. In the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert, Dave told that he was his best friend and best teammate.

Details about the Death of Taylor Hawkins :

The Foo Fighters before going to a scheduled event on 25 Marc at Estereo Picnic Festival, Taylor Hawkins felt pain in his chest. During that time the emergency medical services were called up to the Four Seasons Casa Medina Hotel in Bogota, Colombia. But just after reaching the medical team, Taylor Hawkins failed  unresponsive to the medical treatment and declared dead that time.

From the initial medical reports it was found that Taylor Hawkins’ urine contained several toxic elements. The report said that urine included toxic elements like opioids, THC, tricyclic antidepressants and Benzodiazepines. But the actual medical report yet to be declared.

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Also Dave Grohl said that his band ‘Foo Fighters’ now destroyed after the death of Taylor Hawkins. They can’t fill that place , which Taylor Hawkins created in the heart of fans with his musical spirit and infectious laughter. So that the band now cancelling their all upcoming shows due to their Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert.



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