The Best Matt Damon Movies To Watch


Matt Damon which is one of the best actors of the world since from 25 years. We can’t imagine the world movies without him. Here we are going to provide you the 10 best Matt Damon movies list to watch.

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From the past 25 years Matt Damon is working in Hollywood film industry. And Matt is  even one of the best Hollywood actors since about 25 years, as he is playing almost all types of characters in different types of movies. The characters may be despicable, psychotic and sociopathic etc. So Matt Damon is considered as one of the best Hollywood actor. He also won many awards along with Academy Awards and proved himself accordingly with his acting.

The Best Matt Damon Movies List For You to watch and Enjoy :

Here we are going to share 10 Best Matt Damon Movies list, and this  is too hard task  to find out as all the films starring by Matt Damon is a very good one. Matt Damon movies are full with action, comedy, drama and thrillers. So here we find out 10 best Matt Damon Movies foe you to watch and enjoy.

  1. The Martin (2015) :

The Martin movie which is released in the year 2015 based on Andy Weir’s novel. In that movie Matt featured as an astronaut named as Mark Watney. Mark Watney in that movie struggles to survive after the another members of that space thought that he has died due to a storm on the surface of the Mars.

In The Martin, the actor Matt Damon tried to survive himself  from the disaster. He eat more potatoes, more ketchup. And make himself enjoyable by a disco music track . After that Matt survived and rescued by the NASA .

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   2.  Good Will Hunting (1997) :

One of the Best Matt Damon Movies , Good Will Hunting featured by Matt and Ben Affleck. For this film , Matt Damon won Academy Awards. It is a Gus Van Sant drama. In that film Matt Damon acted as Will Hunting, Janitor from the south side of Boston.

   3. Saving Private Ryan (1998) :

Saving Private Ryan is a movie which is based on World War II . In this movie following the death of three  soldiers out of the four Ryan brothers, who were killed by the World War II , the rescue operation was carried out by the United States Army to rescue the youngest Ryan brother. The youngest Ryan brother is Matt Damon named as James Ryan.


The rescue operation was carried out to rescue the youngest Ryan and hand over him to his mother as she lost all other children.

     4. The Ocean’s Movies (2001-2007) :

The Ocean’s Movies are one of the best Matt Damon Movies . These series consists amazing fun vibes that turned it into one of the best movies of 21st century. Matt acted as one of the a young pick pocket and son of the co artist. He is one of the youngest members of that team.

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   5.  The Bourne Identity ( 2002 ) :

The Bourne Identity is Doug Liman’s spy thriller movie which is released in 2002. In which Matt Damon acted as an extra ordinary man which have outstanding skills of handling the guns, driving and doing other heavy machines. But the main character of the movie has no memory . Jason Bourne who is the main character of the movie. It is one of the Best Matt Damon movies to watch which is filled with action.

    6. The Talented Mr. Ripley  ( 1999) :

The Talented Mr. Ripley movie is psychological thriller which based on Tom Ripley (Matt Damon). In this movie Tom Ripley is very handsome young man with charming face. He can do anything for the things that which he wants. Also Mr. Ripley, the lead character of the movie has a monster inside this handsome face. It is based on the iconic novel of Patrica Highsmith.

      7. True Grit (2010) :

One of the best Matt Damon Movies is The Grit, in which Matt acted as Texas Ranger LaBoeuf  . He is the man who has the capacity to track the wanted man for his own cause. Matt joined Tom Chaney ( Josh Brolin) and Rooster Cogbum (Jeff Bridges) to start the beautiful journey to find out the wanted man.

        8. Contagion (2011) :

This movie is based on a pandemic that consists of an unknown virus, which is trying to destroy the total human race. The  Steven Soderbergh’s thriller movie has lead character Matt Damon as Mitch Emhoff . Mitch lost his wife and son by this unknown virus and then he is fighting to survive his daughter who also infected with the disease.

         9. John Grisham’s The Rainmaker (1997) :

Matt Damon worked as a struggling attorney Rudy Baylor, and he works along with the team members  Deck Shifflet. They both tried to gain benefits to the insurance company and act accordingly.

         10. The Last Duel (2021) :

Besides Matt Damon enjoyed many lead roles , he also took the taste of many excellent side roles. Being a great actor his role in The Last Duel is too good .



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