The Monkees’ Last Member Micky Dolenz Sues FBI for files


Micky Dolenz who is the only member survived from the band ‘The Monkees’. He filed a lawsuit and urges to FBI to release the information regarding the band and their members.

Image Sorce : Instagram/Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz is the only surviving member of the popular ‘ The Monkees’ band which was made on 1960s. This and was made for the TV pop . Now Micky Dolenz turned to 77 years and now he wants to reveal all the details about the band which was created by him and his fellows in 1960s.

Who is Micky Dolenz and why seeks information regarding their bandmates ?

Recently in 2021 Michael Nesmith died and left Micky as only the last member of the Band . So Micky Dolenz filed a lawsuit through his lawyer Mark Zaid. In which Micky requesting the FBI to provide all the details about their bandmates and also the information regarding the band ‘The Monkees’.

Micky Dolenz also urges to know about the Los Angeles Field Office memorandum framed on the anti-vietnam war activities on 1967.

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The last surviving man of the band, Micky Dolenz previously attempted to gather the information through the ‘Freedom Of Information Act’. Freedom of Information act is the method in which the public can request to acquire the information from any type of federal agency.

But after applying through this method, Micky Dolnez has not received any type of response about his bandmates and ‘The Monkees’ as per the report of USA Today. So now Micky Dolenz applied by filling a lawsuit through his lawyer Mark Zaid.

What is ‘The Monkees’ ? More details about it ?


‘The Monkees’  was formed in 1960s as a TV Pop band. Band made it debut in television in 1966 and that show turned them into overnight success.

The Band also started many albums from which several albums trend to No.1 , these are

  • ‘Last Train to Clarksville’
  • I’m a Believer
  • Daydream Believer

The Monkees’ started in 1960 along with several bandmates Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michel Nesmith. Here the only last member surviving here is Micky.

In 1970s the Bandmates group was divided but the Band also getting its success with their works. The Monkees band also toured to different cities and performed many shows . Some members also sang their original songs and played their musical instruments beautifully in front of their huge fans.

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The Monkees’ band that time was using a device like a screen which was set behind the stage performers. There the stage man sang their songs and played the instruments accordingly.

Why Micky Dolenz sue to FBI ?

As Micky Dolenz was the last surviving member of the 1960s band ‘ The Monkees’ , he wants to reveal all the details about the death of the bandmates and surveillance of himself. Before urging to FBI he asked Freedom of Information Act’ to get the details but not responded till now.

Mark Zaid who is the expert in the Freedom of Information Act, told that Micky Dolenz filed the lawsuit to know why FBI was monitoring the band ‘The Monkees’ . Why the privacy of any team was leaked. Lets see what FBI will share with its response.



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