Ed Sheeran To Battle $100M Copyright Case IN A LAWSUIT SLAP , Find out what is the cause for this case 

US Judge named Louis Stanton recently ordered to face a trial of $100 Million dollars which is against him

This law suit is due to a copyright issue for 'Thinking Out Loud', so Ed Sheeran has to face this trial according to the court.

The singer cum song writer, Ed Sheeran also declared that, he also wanting a resolution for this matter.

The singer also wrote that, there is no bright line rule that the combination of the two unprotectable elements is insufficiently to an original work.

Ed Sheeran also asked to the jury to find out a resolution over the matter as this is a huge amount to defend.

Ed Sheeran told that, the work may be fully copyrightable even though it is entirely compilation of unprotectable elements.

Ed Sheeran now have to face the trial in court and also to face a huge amount oof the penalty $100 million dollars, over him.

But the date and times belonging to this $100 million lawsuit for 'Thinking Out Loud' is not finalised yet.

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