Netflix recent thriller movie Lou  Review and Rating by IMDd, know the Full details of the movie here

Netflix movie Lou has been disappointing the fans, the film was overwhelmed earlier but not performed well

Allison Janney the actress  who won the Oscar award gets her  taken from the movie but many things remain in want

The 'LOU' movie leaded by Oscar winner and based on a kidnap thriller was totally underwhelmed , fans are not liking the movie

Allison Janney the Oscar winner only perform well in this film but all others are just not doing as well

As per the IMdb , the movie LOU will able to get only three stars out of five stars as the fans are not liking the film

Also the title of the movie is 'LOU' which is one of the dreadful and silly one, that is not a good sign for the movie

The film LOU is 107 minutes and Janney's talent also diverting our mind , so you can think about the film

In this film there was a kid who is kidnapped by an abusive ex, who is played with menace , where the team going to search the kid

The film LOU has a lazy twist that also confused us, so that to understand the movie you have to think much cleverly