Who Won Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 : All the Details of the scientists and their area of work are given Here

 October month is the month of Nobel Prizes announcement, so that every year of October Nobel prize winners are declared in 6 days.

Today on October 4, 2022 , the Nobel Prize in Physics is declared and and in 3rd October the Nobel prize winners of Medicine has been announced.

The Nobel Prize in Physics of 2022 given to the three scientists and the prize money of $900000  will be divided among the three winners.

The First Nobel Prize winner in Physics is  the scientist  John F.Clauser of J.F Clauser and Association, California, USA.

The next  prize winner of  Nobel prize in physics is Alain Aspect of Universite Paris -Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique, palaiseasu, France.

The third Nobel prize winner in physics for the year 2022  is the great scientist  Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna, Austria 

These three awardees received the Nobel prize for their extra ordinary  work in Quantum mechanics and  Information science, they worked using entangled quantum states.

The Nobel prize awardees are worked where two particles behave like single unit even after they are being  separated.

The results that are founded by the scientist confirmed that some new technology that based on quantum information.