What Trevor Noah Mother Wanted his Son do after ‘The Daily Show’ ?


Trevor Noah , A great south Indian comedian  Revealed about his future  big plans by quitting “The Daily show”. After  a seven year run on the late night comedy central staple , the comedian is ready to explore his other career ventures as Trevor Noah mother wanted. As he set to depart from it in December, Trevor’s days as the host of  Central’s Daily show are counting its number.


What Trevor Noah Mother Wanted his Son do after ‘The Daily Show’ ?

What Trevor Noah Mother Wanted ?   This announcement came to on form on the Sept 29episode of his show on 13th October when Noah stopped by Jimmy Fallon to discuss his departure story from “The daily show”. Then he replied to Jimmy, “…I think of this as joyous thing. I lived through a crazy time: I shared  it with people , who were kind enough to share it with me.

He lived through something and what’s on other side? I don’t take anything for granted anymore . I don’t believe that life is a given. I don’t assume that things will come to me . So I just go , This is it  .This is time.” From media source Trevor Noah mother wants him to do that.

When he was asked about his plans , Noah Declared “ Everything”, “I am going to get drumming lessons from quest” He jokes….

He also unveiled to take a tour over the world with his career and which he loved the most to do. He also wanted to spend more of his time with family in South Africa . If we put our eyes on his professional plans , he has a series of documentaries called “The turning point” , releasing on MSNBC , all of which will highlight hot button topics in the USA including Climate change ,reproductive rights .

His first Docuseries   “ Shouting down Midnight” will premiere on 23th October followed by “ From devil’s breath” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio – on Nov 20.

What Trevor Noah Mother Wanted ?   According to Variety , Noah will depart after a final appearance on the program on Dec 8. The Timeline gives Noah to anchor the program as its casts makes its way to Atlanta for a mid term election special , and to look back at his tenure on the series.

After his announcement to leave this show, Comedy central released a  statement appreciating Noah’s contribution to  show .Paramount media CEO Chris McCarthy stated that the famed comedian was an incredible talent who left a huge impression on the show “THE DAILY SHOW” from 2015, after his join in place of “John Stewart” who hosted this show from 1998 to 2015.Aside as host he also served as the writer and executive producer of this show.

Because of his splendid spectacular performances in comedy industry , he is able to grab some prestigious award including  OFTA Television award in 2022 , NAACP award , MTV movie and TV award and Shorty award for best in comedy and many more


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